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The Leaver reaching out to immigrants

The Brexit vote continues to divide Britain, particularly over the subject of immigration.

Boston, Lincolnshire saw the highest Brexit result in the country, with 75.6% voting to exit the EU. Many cited a massive local influx of eastern European workers as their reason for wanting to leave.

But one group of Leave voters is fed up with the divisions in the town and is reaching out to the local immigrant community.



Prue Leith tipped for Great British Bake Off role

Prue Leith has been tipped to replace Mary Berry as a judge

on the Great British Bake Off when it relaunches on Channel 4

this year. The 76-year old food writer, restaurateur, journalist,

presenter and campaigner will join original judge Paul Hollywood

on the show. She already has a decade of TV judging experience

on the BBC’s Great British Menu.

YouTube star PewDieDie loses Disney deal

YouTube star PewDieDie loses Disney deal
YouTube star PewDiePie, who boasts 53 million fans, has lost a lucrative
partnership deal with Disney-owned Maker Studios over anti-Semitism
in his videos. In one video he paid two men in India to hold up a sign
reading: “Death to all Jews.” The Swedish comedian, real name
Felix Kjellberg, says the stunt was to show “how crazy the modern world is”.

Average house price passes £300,000

A strong start to the year has seen the typical house price in England

and Wales surpass £300,000, according to the Your Move house price

index. Prices edged up 0.3 per cent from December, or 3.1 per cent

from January last year, to £300,169. While the month-on-month increase

is higher than in UK-wide reports from Nationwide and Halifax,

the annual rate is slower.

Playboy to publish naked photographs again

Playboy magazine will once again start featuring images of fully naked women, a year after it pledged to ban nudity.

Chief creative officer Cooper Hefner said the decision had been “a mistake”.

Playboy’s circulation has fallen from a 1970s peak of 5.6 million to less than 700,000 in

2016 as the magazine struggles to compete with the internet.

Mum’s victory for severely ill son

Mum’s victory for severely ill son as she walks to freedom with CANNABIS through customs after UK flight home

Customs failed to challenge Charlotte Caldwell about the illegal substance after she announced she was bringing it on the flight from LA to Dublin

A mum has been allowed to bring illegal drugs into the UK from Los Angeles on a flight after Customs failed to challenge her about the substance.

The cannabis oil is a desperate attempt to keep her severely ill son’s potentially fatal epileptic seizures under control.

Charlotte, from Castlederg, had travelled with sick Billy and her oldest child Kyle from Los Angeles overnight.

The mum-of-two had announced through Belfast Live that she would be bringing outlawed cannabis oil into the Republic and that she would declare it at Customs.

But when she did, no challenge was made by officials, no questions were asked and Charlotte and her sons walked through the doors to freedom and the waiting media and supporters.

Charlotte said: “I felt anxious as we left the plane but I knew it was the right thing to do.

“So I stopped at Customs and declared Billy’s drugs and all we heard from the Customs officials was the words, ‘Thank you, you can carry on’.

“It felt like the door was literally being opened to us, it felt like we already have legalised medicinal cannabis, it felt like a victory for common sense.”

Billys brother Kyle flew to LA yesterday to help bring the 11-year-old and his mother home to Castlederg.


Disgraced mum Karen Matthews plans to escape limelight by fleeing abroad to start a new life in SPAIN

Disgraced mum Karen Matthews plans to escape limelight by fleeing abroad to start a new life in SPAIN

Despised mum-of-seven Matthews is looking for a move after being abused in the street

KAREN Matthews has applied for a passport after telling a pal she’s planning to flee Britain for a new life in Spain.

The kidnapper had wanted to go live in Spain after being released from prison in 2012 but was barred by probation bosses.

Karen Matthews was jailed for eight years for her part in faking the kidnap of her daughter, Shannon in 2008

Disgraced Karen now wants to flee to Spain following abuse for her role in the kidnap of her daughter Shannon

She was still on licence for four years following her being freed half-way through her eight-year jail term.

That licence has now expired and she’s free to travel abroad and last night a friend revealed she was looking at start again in the sun.

The source revealed: “She knows she can never avoid her past and with this new drama programme on the telly she’s realised that living abroad might be a better option for her.”

The source added: “She can probably get a job out there and enjoy a better life than always looking over her shoulder. She’s applied for a passport now and that’s the first step towards leaving the UK for good.”

Matthews, 41, is living in the south of England but BBC1 show The Moorside has led to her being abused in the street, with one woman throwing a portion of peas over her head.


Topshop death: Boy dies after ‘store furniture incident’

A 10-year-old boy has died after suffering serious head injuries in an “incident involving store furniture”.

He was taken to hospital after being injured at 16:15 GMT in the Topshop store in the Oracle Shopping Centre, Reading.

The boy, who was in a life threatening condition, died later at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Thames Valley Police said.

His death is being treated as unexplained but non-suspicious.

South Central Ambulance said three ambulances and two officers in a rapid response vehicle were sent to the scene and the shop was cordoned off to customers.

Police said the boy’s next of kin had been informed and that further inquiries would take place.

Corrie Mckeague: Mother says £50,000 reward offer to end soon

Corrie Mckeague has been missing for more than four monthsA £50,000 reward

offered for information about missing RAF airman

Corrie Mckeague is to be withdrawn if nobody comes forward in the next week.

Mr Mckeague vanished after a night out in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, on 24 September.

The reward was offered by an anonymous business couple in Suffolk.

His mother Nicola Urqhuart said on Facebook: “We consider it sensible that the offer of a reward should not remain in place indefinitely.”


Police have begun to search more than 920 sq m (1,100 sq yds) of waste to a depth of 8m (26ft) at a landfill site at Milton in Cambridgeshire.

Mrs Urquhart, from Dunfermline, said: “At this moment in time, the offer of a reward hasn’t brought to the fore, the information we had hoped for.

“We have decided to leave a reward in place for one more week.

“On behalf of my family, I would wish to publicly thank from the bottom of our hearts the couple concerned.

“Not only have they offered what would be to most of us, a life changing sum of money in the shape of the reward, they have also given their time and made great efforts to assist us find Corrie.”

Corrie Mckeague on CCTV
Corrie Mckeague was last seen walking alone in Bury St Edmunds

Mr Mckeague was last seen walking into a bin loading bay known as the “horseshoe” at 03:25 GMT.

A bin lorry was seized early in the early stages of the investigation after Mr Mckeague’s phone signal followed the same route as the vehicle.

But, no traces of him were found in the lorry.

It is expected to take a team of specialist officers up to 10 weeks to complete the search of the landfill site.

Helen Bailey murder accused challenged over ‘kidnap’ pair

(From The BBC News Website) Two men said to resemble a children’s author’s supposed kidnappers have been presented in court to her fiance.

Ian Stewart denies murdering Helen Bailey and making up a story she was abducted by men called Joe and Nick.

The prosecution brought Nick Cook, Mr Stewart’s neighbour, and Joe Cippullo, into St Albans Crown Court.

It is alleged the descriptions the accused gave to police matched the men, who he knew from his former home in Bassingbourn.

Prosecutor Stuart Trimmer told the jury that the descriptions bore a striking resemblance to Mr Stewart’s acquaintances.

Asked if he knew Mr Cippullo, Mr Stewart replied: “Yes, he’s a bowler.”

Asked about Mr Cook, his reply was: “Yes, he’s my next-door neighbour.”

Helen Bailey and Ian Stewart's home in Royston, HertfordshireImage copyrightSBNA
Image caption Ian Stewart alleges two men snatched Helen Bailey from the couple’s home in Royston, Hertfordshire

Mr Trimmer asked Mr Stewart if “when you look back and consider descriptions you gave… do you think of them?”

Mr Stewart replied “no” and “they don’t compare at all”.

Mr Trimmer then said: “They are both here so you can have a plain look at them.”

Asked if he recognised the pair, Mr Stewart replied: “Yes, it’s Nick and Joe.”

Text ‘charade’

The Electra Brown writer Ms Bailey’s body was found last July in a cesspit at the home she shared with Mr Stewart in Royston, Hertfordshire.

He is accused of drugging her before suffocating her and throwing her in the pit.

Mr Stewart told the court Ms Bailey had been snatched on 11 April by two men who blackmailed him and subjected him to a series of demands. He reported her missing on 15 April.

Under cross-examination, Mr Stewart was also accused of carrying out a “charade” following her disappearance by sending her bogus texts.

Mr Trimmer asked why he sent messages urging her to contact the police if she had been taken.

“You might not believe this but my mind was totally messed,” Mr Stewart said.

Ian Stewart in courtImage copyright HELEN TIPPER/BBC
Image caption Mr Stewart repeatedly broke down in tears while giving evidence

Mr Trimmer suggested the texts were sent to “expand the lie” and give the impression he was concerned about his fiancee.

“If she was never found, if she remained in the bottom of that cesspit for years, all we know is that she had gone away and you had tried your best,” he said.

Mr Stewart, 56, of Baldock Road, Royston, Hertfordshire, denies murder, preventing a lawful burial, fraud, and three counts of perverting the course of justice.

The trial continues.


(From The BBC News Website)