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Gylfi Sigurdsson: Check out £45 million Everton target’s STUNNING other half

Gylfi Sigurdsson transfer news Everton Swansea WAG Iceland Alexandra IvarsdottirINSTAGRAM/GETTY

WOW: Alexandra Ivarsdottir is a former Miss Iceland

Everton have been in negotiations with Swansea all summer to try and complete a deal for Sigurdsson.

The Iceland star even missed their recent pre-season tour because he was “not in the right frame of mind to travel”.

But now a breakthrough has finally been made with just two weeks of the transfer window remaining.

Everton have agreed a £45m deal to sign Gylfi Sigurdsson from Swansea – with the midfielder’s medical set to be carried out today.

But if that’s not enough to get Toffees fans salivating – they’ll certainly be more interested when they see his WAG.

Alexandra Ivarsdottir is a former Miss Iceland – having won the competition back in 2008.

Gylfi Sigurdsson transfer news Everton Swansea WAG Iceland Alexandra IvarsdottirINSTAGRAM

STRANGE: Alexandra’s favourite food is reportedly reindeer steak

Not only this, the blonde bombshell also finished in the semi finals in a Miss World Sport competition.

The pair have known each other since their youth as they grew up in Reykjavik together – and they’ve been together ever since.

Her Instagram bio reads: “May your neighbours respect you, trouble neglect you, angels protect you and heaven accept you.”

Alexandra’s favourite food is reportedly reindeer steak and she studied psychology at university.


Man becomes internet star after taking EXTREME pic of STUNNING girlfriend

Instagram model Paola Pentón González viral star extreme photo girlfriendINSTAGRAM

WOW: Paola Pentón González boasts over 13,000 followers on Instagram

Gabriel Martinez Rivera, 24, was pictured leaning off the side of a large boat to capture the perfect snap of his other half swimming.

Gabriel’s 25-year-old girlfriend Paola Pentón González, who has 13,000 followers on Instagram, often makes her boyfriend snap social media shots for her.

But one snap of him hanging off a boat while taking a picture of her in the sea has turned him into an instant internet hit.

Instagram model Paola Pentón González viral star extreme photo girlfriendINSTAGRAM

BRAVE: Boyfriend Gabriel was pictured hanging off a boat to take the picture

Gabriel and Paola recently visited the British Virgin Islands, and the group of friends on the trip with them decided to snap their own photos of Gabriel taking pictures of his girlfriend.

With his legs wrapped around a railing, Gabriel hung upside down as he stretched out to take the snap.

Twitter user Bougie Banton shared the images of Gabriel and they’ve now been shared thousands of times.

Bougie accompanied the snaps with a caption describing how she wouldn’t want a boyfriend who isn’t willing to go the same lengths that Gabriel is for his other half.

She added: “If you’re not trying to be tangled up and hanging like this off a boat for me to have a great picture like this, I don’t want you.”

Users were quick to agree with Bougie, with many adding that Gabriel must “really love” his partner.

Instagram model Paola Pentón González viral star extreme photo girlfriendINSTAGRAM

STUNNING: The final pic was surely worth the effort

One said: “Woww can I get somebody who do the most for me?”

Some else added: “He must really love that woman.”

Another wrote: “Never settle for less than this right here.”

Lucky woman bags mansion worth £800,000 after spending just £20

Marie Segar received the shock of her life when she discovered she had won the Lancashire home.

After receiving the news the Warrington financier told the Sun: “Is this a wind up?

“Are you kidding? I’m in shock. Oh my Lord. I’m speechless.

Dunstan Low mansionDUNSTAN LOW

TO THE MANOR BOUGHT: The lucky winner spent just £2 on tickets

“It was stressful but it has been an amazing experience”

Dunstan Low

“I’ve never won anything before. This is completely surreal. I’ve only ever won £9 on the lottery.”

She later joked that she would change her name to “Lady Marie” on her bank card.

Dustan Low decided to flog his grade II listed home for £800,000 after he became unable to keep up with his monthly mortgage repayments.

Winner MarieLINKEDIN

WINNER: Marie couldn’t believe her luck

But after finding there was little interest from buyers he decided to raffle off the manor.

He needed to sell 400,000 £2 tickets to meet his asking price for the property, but ended up walking away with one million pounds.

The 37-year-old has since been overwhelmed with offers from around the globe from people asking Low to help them raffle their burdensome homes.


STUNNING: The property is in Lancashire

Reflecting on his exploit Mr Low said: “I have no regrets at all about the way we did this – I wouldn’t change a thing.

“It was stressful but it has been an amazing experience.”

‘World’s sexiest weather girl’ Yanet Garcia shows off bubble-butt in X-RATED holiday snap

Yanet García, 26, from Monterrey, Mexico, has become an internet celebrity because of her good looks and curvy figure, which has been likened to Kim Kardashian.

And now, the social media starlet, who has five million Instagram followers, has left fans gobsmacked by sharing some saucy snaps from her holiday.

In some extremely revealing pictures, the Mexican stunner showed off her backside in a series of mirror selfies.

Yanet Garcia worlds sexiest weather girl bikini picture Colombia holidayINSTAGRAM

WOW: The Mexican stunner posted some raunchy snaps from her Colombian holiday

In the snaps, Yanet can be seen sporting some very skimpy bikinis which do little to hide her hourglass figure.

Yanet posted one of the butt-baring pictures alongside the comment: “Hi Colombia!”

And the pics were quick to cause a social media frenzy.

One Instagram user commented: “You are so beautiful you have a wonderful body.”

While another said: “Damn, wish I had that booty lol.”

Yanet recently made her debut as an actress in the US with a part in the new horror movie “Sharknado 5: Global Swarming”.

Yanet Garcia worlds sexiest weather girl bikini picture Colombia holidayINSTAGRAM

RAUNCHY: The brunette beauty is well-known for posting some very saucy shots

And the buxom beauty made her way to London for the filming.

“My (character’s) name will be Shara, and I will be predicting the storm in the movie,” she told Daily Star Online.

“I can’t say anything else as it’s a surprise, but I play a very important part in the movie.

“It was amazing and I am super excited for the release!”

China tells Trump and Kim to ‘slam the brakes on’ as Korean crisis reaches breaking point

The US and North Korea were urged to urgently “put the brakes” on provocative actions and words on Tuesday.

Speaking with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday in a phone conversation, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi said he wanted to prevent an “August crisis.”

The news comes as Kim threatened to launch nuclear missiles at Guam after Donald Trump said the tubby tyrant would be hit with “fire and fury” if the US was attacked.

North Korea China Donald Trump Kim slam brakes on crisis breaking pointGETTY

SHOCK: Kim Jong-un was shown plans for a nuke strike on Guam on Tuesday

On Tuesday this week, Kim was shown plans for the potential strike on Guam but said he would not launch missiles unless provoked.

Meanwhile, a statement on the Russian foreign ministry’s website said Russian and China discussed “possible ways out of the confrontational spiral on the Korean Peninsula.”

It added that “military adventures and threats of force” against North Korea were “unacceptable.”

North Korea China Donald Trump Kim slam brakes on crisis breaking pointGETTY

WW3: Kim threatened to nuke Guam after Donald Trump‘s threats

During the call between Lavrov and Wang “the ministers stressed that there is no alternative to a political and diplomatic settlement,” according to the statement.

But there are fears of escalation as US joint military drills with South Korea, known as the Ulchi-Freedom Guardian, are scheduled to start August 21.

The annual 10-day military drills antagonizes North Korea, as Pyongyang believes they are preparations for an invasion.

Here comes Big Liz! Britain’s biggest warship EVER arrives in port TODAY

HMS Queen ElizabethGETTY

ROYAL NAVY: HMS Queen Elizabeth sails into Portsmouth today for the first time ever

HMS Queen Elizabeth is the Royal Navy’s colossal new aircraft carrier – weighing in a whopping 65,000 tonnes and measuring 920ft long.

The warship has been flexing its muscles in the North Sea as it undergoes sea trials – last week meeting up with US aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush.

When fully armed, the ship will carry at least 40 aircraft and be crewed by 1,000 sailors.

Known as Big Liz, the ship cost £3.1 billion and is first in a new class of state-of-the-art warships for Britain.

Today, she will sail into her home port for the first time as the Royal Navy welcome her to Portsmouth.

“The most powerful warship ever built for Britain’s famous Royal Navy”

Michael Fallon

The warship is bristling with 30mm cannons and a number of miniguns to fend off enemies.

She also has Phalanx launchers designed to blast away any anti-ship missiles.

New fighter jets the F-35B Lightning II will be packed onto the ship, along with a host of chopper including Chinooks and Apaches.

Royal NavyPA

HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH: Royal Navy ships sail in formation in the North Sea

HMS Queen Elizabeth PA

WARSHIP: HMS Queen Elizabeth is the biggest vessel ever built for the Royal Navy

HMS Queen Elizabeth will be latest warship to have a home at HMNB Portsmouth.

The city is one of the core’s of Britain’s naval power.

It often hosts the deadly Type-45 Destroyers and the port was the last of home of Britain’s previous carrier HMS Illustrious.

Ahead of her arrival in Portsmouth, Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said: “The most powerful warship ever built for Britain’s famous Royal Navy is set to sail into her proud new home in Portsmouth.

“HMS Queen Elizabeth‎ will be the Royal Navy’s flagship for the next 50 years, keeping us safe by deploying across the seven seas, using her strike power to deter our enemies.”

Sir Michael also taunted Vladimir Putin has he branded the Russians “jealous” of Big Liz.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is primed to takeover as the flagship of the Royal Navy – being handed the baton by HMS Ocean.

Portsmouth prepared for her arrival by dredging 3.2 million cubic metres of sediment from the harbour to make sure it was deep enough for the giant warship.

Big Liz will ready for full operational service in 2020 and her sister ship HMS Prince of Wales will be handed to the navy in 2019.

Model pals mock kidnap girl Chloe Ayling after posting pics of them TRAPPED in suitcases

Chloe Ayling and her friendsWHATSAPP • HUMPHREY NEMAR

CHLOE AYLING ABDUCTION: Pals of the Page 3 model have been mocking her

Snaps have been circulating on WhatsApp groups between girls in the industry who have worked with her in the past.

One shows an unnamed model squashed inside luggage – a swipe at Chloe’s claims she was drugged and stuffed in a case.

Other messages jokingly claim that they want a “£20 ransom” to be released.

“No-one really believes her”


A source said: “No-one really believes her. If they thought it was for real they wouldn’t do it but all of the models know her. They know everybody in the industry and many don’t think it adds up.”

after being lured to a photoshoot in Milan.

She says her captors drugged her and stuffed her in a suitcase before she was taken to a farmhouse and held captive for six days.


PAGE 3 MODEL: Chloe was allegedly kidnapped in Italy

Chloe was only reportedly released when her abductors discovered she was a young mum.

One of her alleged kidnappers, Lukasz Pawel Herba, has since been arrested.

Chloe Ayling's friends mock the abductionWHATSAPP

MOCKING: Chloe’s friends have been posting pictures of them trapped in suitcases

earlier this week on ITV’s This Morning.

She said: “I know the truth, my family knows the truth.”

Frank Lampard’s dad overhead son’s proposal after he pocket dialled by MISTAKE

Frank and Christine Lampard and his father OA

LAMPARDS: Frank’s dad overhead his proposal

The ex-Chelsea ace spent three months secretly planning the proposal and even took Christine on a trip across the US.

He finally proposed after a romantic beach side lunch in LA at the end of the 2011 break.

On ITV’s Loose Women yesterday, Christine revealed: “When Frank did the proposal thing it was all gorgeous.

Frank and Christine LampardPA

COUPLE: Frank proposed in 2011

“When Frank did the proposal thing it was all gorgeous”

Christine Lampard

“Afterwards he phoned his dad and he said: ‘I know, you phoned me accidentally. I heard the whole thing!’”

Seconds later, shocked and asked her: “Why aren’t you wearing it today?”

Christine quickly answered: “I don’t wear it every day actually.”

Love was clearly in the air, as during an ad break, a man in the audience proposed to his partner.

The tear-jerking moment was captured on camera.

Christine told viewers: “She did say yes of course, just so you all know.”

Fan OUTRAGED as girlfriend puts Snapchat bunny filter on pic with Arsene Wenger

Arsene WengerGETTY

ARSENE WENGER: A life-long fan got to meet

Life-long Arsenal fan Stewart Russell got to meet the veteran football boss at a London bash.

He wanted to capture the moment with a picture – but girlfriend Emma Hopkins had other ideas.

Arsene Wenger with the bunny Snapchat filterTWITTER

PICTURED: Stewart’s girlfriend took the snap by using the bunny filter on Snapchat

“It’s OK guys, we’ve patched things up”

Stewart Russell

Using Snapchat to take it, Emma used a built-in feature to add bunny ears to the Premier League legend.

Fed-up Stewart tweeted: “When you meet your lifelong hero and your girlfriend takes a bunny filtered photo.”

Fans reacted to the hilarious snap.

One wrote: “Stew, she has to go”.

But it turned out Emma pranked her boyfriend – and eventually posted a photo without the bunny filters.

Stewart tweeted: “It’s OK guys, we’ve patched things up…”

Silent Witness star stabbed in head with SCISSORS near London Euston station

Liz Carr was attacked near EustonGETTY

BRAVE: A friend of the actress has said she is putting on a brave face

The 45-year-old, who plays scientist Clarissa Mullery in the BBC crime drama, was reportedly attacked by a man armed with a pair of scissors in each hand.

He lunged at wheelchair user Liz as her carer tried to protect her. The star is now recovering from a slash wound.

Police have confirmed a suspect in his 20s has been arrested on suspicion of GBH and sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

A friend told The Sun of the attack, which took place on Euston Road last Thursday night: “It was a terrifying experience for Liz.

“She was being pushed in her wheelchair when this young man armed with two pairs of scissors suddenly headed towards her.

“He followed them and began lashing out and stabbed Liz in the head.

“There was blood everywhere but she was very lucky that the wound grazed her head and she was not more seriously injured.”

The friend said the actress is putting a “brave face” on, joking it was “like being attacked by Edward Scissorhands”.

Liz has a rare genetic joint condition and has been in a wheelchair since the age of seven.

The Metropolitan Police said: “Police were called to a report of man attacking two women with scissors.

“Officers and the London Ambulance Service attended.

“The two women were taken to hospital suffering minor cuts and subsequently discharged.”