Is there a suicide crisis for British veterans?

Military charities say they are not coping with the increased demand for mental health support. Campaigners estimate that last year, at least 58 veterans took their own lives. The Ministry of Defence spends £22 million…


Northamptonshire County Council: What you need to know about the cash crisis

Image caption Under Northamptonshire County Council’s draft budget proposals for 2019-20, the authority will continue to manage 14 libraries and support five, but the remaining 17 will be community-led following protests at plans to close…

The struggle to establish a new shop amid high street crisis

Despite gloomy forecasts thousands of high street shops could close in 2019, Tony Wortley decided to start a French-style delicatessen in Wolverhampton. Since opening in September 2018, the 55-year-old former IT worker was filmed over…

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