Notorious Manchester criminal sexually groomed young boys

Domenyk Lattlay-Fottfoy Image copyright GMP
Image caption Lattlay-Fottfoy plied the young boys with drink and drugs

A criminal who used his notoriety to groom young boys for sex has been jailed for a further 11 years.

Domenyk Lattlay-Fottfoy, 53 (previously known as Dominic Noonan) was convicted at Manchester Crown Court of sexual assault and attempted rape.

He was also found guilty of indecent assault, inciting a child to sexual activity, sexual assault and sexual activity in front of a child.

Lattlay-Fottfoy is currently serving a nine-year sentence at HMP Belmarsh.

His new sentence will be served consecutively, meaning he will remain in prison when his jail term for arson, conspiracy to blackmail and pervert the course of justice, handed down in 2015, has been ended.

The court heard Lattlay-Fottfoy groomed and sexually assaulted young boys between 1980 and 1981, 1990 and 1991, 2001 and 2004, and between 2010 and 2012.

Buttoned-up shirts

One victim, who was assaulted between 2001 and 2004, told the court Lattlay-Fottfoy would surround himself with young boys wearing buttoned-up white shirts.

He would ply them with drugs and alcohol and drive them around Manchester city centre.

After he began spending an increasing amount of time with the group, Lattlay-Fottfoy began to sexually abuse the victim to the point it was taking place daily.

Another victim, who was assaulted as a 15-year-old, told the court he and other boys were treated as his entourage and he was provided with a suit by Lattlay-Fottfoy to give him more credibility.

Det Insp Michael Gladwin from GMP’s Public Protection Investigation Unit said: “Lattlay-Fottfoy used his notoriety to groom young vulnerable boys, then use them and sexually assault them.”

Previously police have said the name Noonan “instils fear in some communities”.

Dominic Noonan was the subject in 2007 of a feature documentary film A Very British Gangster.

His brother, the gangland leader Desmond “Dessie” Noonan, was murdered in 2005 aged 45, days before a Channel Five documentary was broadcast in which he boasted he had “more guns than the police”.



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