Newspaper headlines: Javid’s ‘fresh start’ and UK faces care crisis

Image caption The appointment of Sajid Javid as home secretary will herald a “fresh start” for his new department according to the i newspaper. He replaces Amber Rudd and has vowed to “do whatever it takes” to correct the problems faced by the Windrush generation.
Image caption The new home secretary also features on the front of Metro with a pledge to “sort Windrush”.
Image caption A spate of company takeovers dominates the front page of the Financial Times, including the planned merger of Sainsbury’s with rival Asda.
Image caption The Daily Star leads with news on Peter Kay who has said it was “absolutely wonderful” to see an audience’s reaction to two new episodes of his sitcom Car Share. In December, the comedian announced he was cancelling a tour planned for 2018 due to “unforeseen family circumstances”.
Image caption The Daily Express leads with two stories it claims “shame Britain” and highlight a “caring crisis”. One is about a man with Parkinson’s who was said to be “beaten up” in a care home, while the other is about a cancer patient’s 16-hour wait for a hospital bed.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph leads with claims by Israel that Iran had secretly sought nuclear weapons. In response, Iran claimed it had been developing nuclear energy.
Image caption The Daily Mirror reports pressure is growing on Theresa May, with some calling for the prime minister to resign over the Windrush scandal.
Image caption As well as the appointment of Sajid Javid, the Times is also leading with its own investigation, which has found the number of rail passengers having to use replacement buses is at the highest level in a decade.
Image caption Sajid Javid “stepping into the breach” also leads the Guardian.
Image caption The Sun carries an exclusive about a lawyer who is claiming he was unfairly dismissed, amid allegations he had a “spanking session” with a colleague in his office.
Image caption The Daily Mail’s top story is about the vote by the house of Lords to give parliament the power to make ministers re-open Brexit talks if MPs reject Theresa May’s deal with the EU.

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