Man convicted of importing firearms to auction online

High Court
Image caption The High Court in Glasgow heard Khan planned to sell the guns on an online auction site

A man imported more than 40 firearms from abroad in a bid to make a profit by selling them online.

Shezad Khan, 44, paid £3,200 to order the weapons from a company based in the Czech Republic.

But police raided his home in Glasgow’s Broomhill after a parcel firm spotted a gun in a package addressed to him.

Khan now faces a lengthy jail term after he admitted importing prohibited weapons as well as three charges under the Firearms Act.

He was remanded in custody at the High Court in Glasgow pending sentencing next month.

The hearing was told the pistols were capable of discharging harmful gases, blank cartridges or flares.

Buying in bulk

The crime came to light when a delivery company spotted a damaged parcel with a gun inside.

Three similar packages were then found – all to be sent to Khan.

Prosecutor Michael Meehan said a total of 43 pistols, which were either Turkish or Italian made, were eventually seized.

Mr Meehan told the court Khan had paid for them from his own bank account.

Asked why Khan had the weapons, his advocate Lili Prais replied: “He was buying these items in bulk with a view to selling them on an auction site. Of course, he did not actually receive the items.”

Lord Burns deferred sentencing for reports.


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