Most mountain callouts in summer, says rescue body

Image caption Hillwalking is the mountain activity usually involved in rescue teams’ callouts

Summer-time hillwalkers are involved in up to 75% of callouts for Scottish mountain rescue teams every year, according to statistics.

In its new annual report, Scottish Mountain Rescue (SMR) said winter hillwalking only accounted for 20%.

The figure for rock climbing, scrambling and ice climbing each year can be as low as 1%.

SMR also reported that its figures for 2017 showed that Saturday was the busiest day of the week for teams.

Thursday is one of the quietest days, with less than half the number of callouts reported on a Saturday.

In 2017, SMR teams were called out on 642 occasions, dealt with 423 incidents and assisted 553 people, four dogs and three sheep.

Check forecasts

In the report SMR said: “Despite all that can befall us on the mountains, over half of the incidents resolved in 2017 had no one hurt or injured.

“Nearly a quarter of incidents did involve a fracture or sprain, and not surprisingly the majority of these were to the lower leg or ankle.

“It is worthwhile being prepared for this type of injury wherever possible.”

SMR urged people planning on heading into Scotland’s hills to check forecasts, carry the appropriate kit and tools such as a map and compass, and have the skills to use them.

The organisation’s members include Aberdeen, Arran, Braemar, Borders, Dundonnell, Lomond, Oban and Skye MRTs.

Teams from the RAF, the Search and Rescue Dog Association and Police Scotland are also members.


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