Warm summer hits Scottish Conker Championships in Peebles

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Image caption The Scottish championships have been cancelled due to low numbers of conkers

The warm summer has been blamed for the cancellation of the Scottish Conker Championships.

The Borders Forest Trust, which organises the annual event in Peebles, had to cancel next month’s tournament due to a poor harvest.

It said the hot and dry weather had meant that numbers were too low to stage the event.

The trust looked at importing chestnuts from Germany but has been unable to find a supply ahead of the contest.

BFT spokeswoman Louisa Finch said: “A lack of conkers means we have no choice to cancel.

“Despite many efforts to locate a source of suitable conkers in time to prepare for the event, this past summer’s weather has meant that too few are available.”

Small conkers

She said that previous contests had been a real success so there was a lot of disappointment it would not be happening in 2018.

Ms Finch said that many horse chestnut trees were bare this year or only had very small conkers which would not have fared well in competition.

About 5,000 people usually attend the event each October with 300 competitors taking part.

However, the World Conker Championships, at Southwick in Northamptonshire, are still set to go ahead on 14 October.


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