Newspaper headlines: ‘Former Labour leader Foot was KGB agent’

Image caption British intelligence services believed former Labour leader Michael Foot had been a KGB informant at the height of the Cold War, the Times reports. A book by Times columnist Ben Macintyre, which is being serialised in the paper, claims Soviet defector Oleg Gordievsky told MI6 that Mr Foot had received clandestine payments from the KGB, which classed him as an agent. Mr Foot successfully sued the Times in the 90s after it published similar claims.
Image caption One of the Labour Party’s most senior politicians has said the opposition could vote against Theresa May’s Brexit deal, the FT Weekend reports. Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry told the paper that a workable deal was “not going to happen” under the prime minister, and added a general election would be needed within months.
Image caption Singer Lily Allen says she was sexually assaulted by a music executive as she slept, the Guardian reports. The singer says abuse is “rife” in the record business. The paper also features news that the Archbishop of Canterbury is set to lead a not-for-profit rescue effort for the £400m Wonga loan book after its collapse, in an effort to protect some 200,000 borrowers.
Image caption A government advisor has said parents must turn off their phones and other social media devices at night to set an example for their children, the Daily Telegraph reports. Ian Bauckham said parents must start “modelling good behaviour” for children to follow. It comes as lessons in relationship and sex education become mandatory for children as young as four by September 2020.
Image caption The Duchess of Cambridge is set to launch a campaign to tackle anti-social behaviour, mental health issues and addiction amongst children, the Daily Mail reports. The paper says the duchess believes that with the right support, disadvantaged youngsters can reach their potential.
Image caption The i weekend reports a new blood test to identify people at high risk of heart disease and strokes could save hundreds of thousands of lives. The paper adds that in a new study, scientists have identified antibodies that significantly reduce the threat of heart disease.
Image caption A man who won a “punching above your weight” competition has said he is the luckiest man in the world after winning £1m on a scratch card. Darren Donaghey, 33, who is pictured on the front of the paper with his “beautiful wife” Kate, 28, said: “I must just be one of those lucky fellas.”
Image caption The Daily Star reports that a senior police officer in the Metropolitan Police is facing an internal investigation for gross misconduct, after using the phrase “whiter than white”. It is alleged he has been accused of using racist language. The Collins Dictionary says the phrase means “extremely clean” or “very pure, honest, and moral”.
Image caption The Sun leads on a picture of Strictly contestant and Blue singer Lee Ryan holding hands with his dance partner Nadiya Bychkova.

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