Crewe woman cleared of wheelchair drink-driving in Rhyl

The front entrance of Llandudno Magistrates Court Image copyright Geograph/ Kenneth Allen
Image caption Stephanie Nevitt was cleared of being drunk in charge of her wheelchair at Llandudno Magistrate’s Court

A woman who crashed her wheelchair into a parked car has been cleared of drink-driving.

Holidaymaker Stephanie Nevitt, 44, said she had only consumed one pint of cider and a glass of wine before she arrived at Rhyl in Denbighshire.

A police officer told magistrates in Llandudno on Friday that Ms Nevitt’s speech had been slurred and that she was drunk in charge of a wheelchair.

But Ms Nevitt was cleared and told the court her holiday had been “ruined”.

Ms Nevitt, from Haslington near Crewe, blamed her morphine medication for slurring and said she weaved in her wheelchair because of a problem with her coccyx.

Defence solicitor Graham Parry said police could have easily carried out a breath test.


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