Newspaper headlines: Danny Cipriani charged and Brits flee Genoa bridge

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Image caption The arrest – and subsequent charging – of England rugby star Danny Cipriani over an alleged assault at a nightclub in Jersey makes several front pages, including Metro. The paper says he was on a night out with other players from his club, Gloucester RFC, during a pre-season tour on the island – but will now be appearing at a Jersey court.
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Image caption The Sun also leads with the charging of “rugby bad boy” Cipriani. Its front page pictures the 30-year-old in an England jersey and points out that he has had “a turbulent career”.
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Image caption The Daily Express leads on an interview with a British family in Italy who abandoned their car and ran to escape the Genoa bridge collapse. The death toll from Tuesday’s disaster now stands at 39, the paper reports.
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Image caption The Times also leads with the bridge collapse and the Italian government declaring a 12-month state of emergency. The paper says the country’s government blames the company that runs the tolled motorways and the EU for placing “financial shackles” on the Italian authorities.
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Image caption A man suspected of Tuesday’s Westminster terror attack in which a car was driven into cyclists and pedestrians is “a polite and decent chap” according to friends, the Guardian reports. The paper also says Salih Khater was “thrown out” of Coventry University in May after failing his accountancy exams.
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Image caption Thursday is A-levels results day meaning students hoping to go to university will discover if they have got the required results. The i reports that universities have been offering “bribes” in the form of cash bonus scholarships with unconditional offers to get smart students to pick them.
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Image caption The EU fears its confidential meetings are being bugged by the British secret service ahead of crucial Brexit negotiations, according to the Daily Telegraph. The paper says fears have been raised after the British obtained “sensitive documents” shortly after they were discussed at a private meeting.
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Image caption The Daily Star wages war on “Political correctness gone m-m-m-mad” as it leads with the news that the shop that inspired Open All hours may have to close because of a single health and safety complaint. The displaying of goods outside the shop, just like in the sitcom, has been reported a “danger” to the public, the paper claims.
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Image caption Foreigners are being banned from buying property in New Zealand following an influx of rich incomers buying holiday homes in the country pushing up house prices for locals, the Financial Times is reporting. Property prices have surged by 60% in the last decade with local home ownership down to its lowest level in 70 years, the paper says.
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Image caption The Duchess of Sussex’s father Thomas Markle has “hit out” at his daughter for not sending him any money, the Daily Mirror reports. The paper says Mr Markle expects his children to help him in retirement but, according to a friend, he hasn’t been “given a dime”.
Image copyright Daily Mail
Image caption House prices have enjoyed almost 10 years of strong growth but that could soon end according to the Daily Mail. The paper says several indicators have triggered warnings the property market is heading towards a “correction or even a crash”, the paper says.

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