Edinburgh anti-terrorism barriers planned

Barrier Image copyright City of Edinburgh Council
Image caption Two strong ‘ribbons’ would be attached to bollards across Edinburgh streets

High security barriers which would sound an alert if a vehicle hits them are being considered for highly crowded areas of Edinburgh during major festivals and events.

“Hostile mitigation barriers” are being proposed for city centre streets such as the Royal Mile, George Street, The Mound and St Andrew Square.

Current barriers in the High Street are owned by the Home Office.

They are to be removed in a year, which would make way for new council ones.

One idea is to have two strong “ribbons” across the road which would slow down and then stop a vehicle on impact.

Image caption Current barriers in Edinburgh’s High Street

Donald Wilson, City of Edinburgh Council culture and communities convener, said: “As a capital city and a major destination for festivals and events, appropriate measures are put in place every year to ensure the security of our crowded places.

“We were the first Council to work with local Police devise and develop our own protection system, which is always reviewed to ensure it is fit for purpose.

“Officers are now working on a set of flexible and robust security barriers which can be used in different locations throughout the year.

“This is not in response to any threat, rather the council acting proactively in partnership with Police Scotland to enhance the strength and longevity of the temporary barriers we already have available.

“They are a public safety precaution and we hope they will be viewed as the city continuing to put public safety first.”

A Fringe Society spokeswoman said: “Our priority and the priority of all the organisations who run venues as part of the Fringe is the safety and security of audiences, participants and staff.

“The Fringe Society’s role is one of support for the participants and venues who choose to be part of the Fringe each year.

“We take this responsibility seriously and provide advice on all aspects of venue management, and provide contact information for relevant professional organisations and emergency services.”


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