Newspaper Headlines: PM ‘warns Brexit bullies’ and William’s Middle East peace ‘mission’

Image caption The Sunday Times says Theresa May has told cabinet plotters she will not be “bullied out of office” by colleagues opposed to her Brexit plans. The paper also features glum-faced photos of Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi after Portugal and Argentina were knocked out of the World Cup.
Image caption The Sunday Telegraph reports Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton has held a secret meeting with senior backbench Conservative Eurosceptic MPs. He stressed the US president’s enthusiasm for Brexit and his belief that the US and UK can agree a trade deal.
Image caption Prince William is vowing to make it his lifelong mission to bring a “just and lasting peace” to the Middle East, according to the Sunday Mirror. The paper quotes a senior royal source as saying he was so moved by his trip to the region he wants to play a significant role in finding solutions.
Image caption The Observer reports a study on education which suggests reforms under the Tories appears to have fuelled in inequality in the schools system. Its main picture is of France’s Kylian Mbappe who announced himself in the World Cup by scoring twice in his team’s 4-3 win over Argentina.
Image caption The Sunday Express says the NHS in England is on the brink of a “healthcare revolution” – thanks to technological developments. The service’s innovation chief tells the paper of plans for supplies to be delivered by drones and for smartcards carrying patients’ genetic data.
Image caption The Mail on Sunday leads on an internal BBC staff survey which found the corporation has more than 400 transgender staff. Its headline suggests the BBC’s director of diversity was “stunned” by the findings – but a spokesman denies that was the case and says the paper’s claims the survey was secret were wrong as the figures were published in last year’s annual report.
Image caption The Sunday People leads with a story about a student who says she was kidnapped and forced to be a drugs mule.
Image caption The Daily Star Sunday reports a former Love Island contestant believes the reality TV show is “faked” – claiming producers asked for scenes to be reshot and suggested topics of discussion. Tyla Carr appeared on the show last year.

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