‘Aggressive’ stags divert Birmingham to Ibiza flight

Birmingham Airport
Image caption The Jet2 flight from Birmingham to Ibiza had to be diverted because of “appalling and aggressive behaviour”

“Appalling and aggressive behaviour” within a 27-strong stag party led to a flight to Ibiza being diverted, an airline said.

Crew were left with “no choice” but to divert the Birmingham flight to Toulouse, where the Jet2 aircraft was met by police.

The airline said one member of the party had already been stopped from boarding the plane on Friday.

One person involved has received a lifetime ban from the airline.

Jet2 said despite “repeated warnings” the group continued to be “aggressive and disruptive” during the flight.

The crew had already decided to stop selling alcohol because of the group member who was refused boarding for being “drunk and aggressive”.

It said the decision was made to divert the aircraft “in the interests of everyone’s comfort and safety”.

It added: “The cumulative effect of consuming alcohol in the airport, as well as illicitly once onboard the aircraft, contributed to this behaviour.”

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Image copyright PA
Image caption Jet2 said one of the passengers has now been given a lifetime ban because of their behaviour on the flight

Phil Ward, managing director of the airline said: “A large number of individuals from this group have left a stag weekend in ruins, and have subjected our crew and customers to a continued pattern of disgraceful and aggressive behaviour.

“This left some of our highly-trained cabin crew extremely upset.”

He said it is the second time in weeks that disruptive passengers have caused one of its flights to be diverted.

Jet2 said one of the individuals has been given a lifetime ban from using the airline in future, but decisions are yet to be made on action against other members of the group.

Birmingham Airport said it would not comment on the incident.



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