Voting under way in by-election

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Voters are going to the polls in the Lewisham East by-election.

The by-election was called last month to choose a new MP to replace Labour’s Heidi Alexander, who quit to work for London mayor Sadiq Khan.

Labour won the seat at last year’s general election with 32,072 votes. The Conservatives were second with 10,859, the Lib Dems third with 2,086, the Greens got 803 and UKIP 798.

Polling stations are open until 22:00 BST in the South London constituency.

The full list of candidates is:

  • Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah – Green Party
  • Ross Archer – Conservative
  • Charles Carey – no description
  • Janet Daby – Labour
  • Massimo DiMambro – Democrats and Veterans Party
  • Sean Finch – Libertarian Party
  • Patrick Gray – Radical Party
  • Thomas Hall – Young People’s Party
  • Howling Laud Hope – Monster Raving Loony Party
  • David Kurten – UKIP
  • Maureen Martin – Christian Peoples Alliance
  • Mandu Reid – Women’s Equality Party
  • Lucy Salek – Liberal Democrats
  • Anne Marie Waters – For Britain Movement



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