Immuno Biotech finance boss guilty of money laundering

Guernsey's Royal Court
Image caption Dawson-Ball is due to be sentenced in March

The financial controller of a firm that sold an unlicensed blood product has been found guilty of money laundering.

Peter Dawson-Ball, 64, previously of St Martin, Guernsey, denied three charges in Guernsey’s Royal Court.

He worked for David Noakes, who was jailed in November for manufacturing, supplying and selling unlicensed blood product GcMAF.

Dawson-Ball, who worked in Immuno Biotech’s Guernsey office, is due to be sentenced on 22 March.

He was responsible for the firm’s banking, tax and corporate structure.

During the six-day hearing, the court heard statements from colleagues and those close to the case describing founder Noakes as “an incredible conman” who made all decisions financially.

Dawson-Ball was found guilty of having “facilitated” Noakes in the management and financial control of the company and its proceeds, made from the sale of GcMAF between January 2016 and February 2017.


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