Shaun Lyall murder inquiry: Selfies show suspect removed gold tooth

A selfie of Abdi Ali with his front gold tooth removed Image copyright Humberside Police
Image caption Police said selfie images of Abdi Ali confirmed he had removed his front gold tooth

Detectives hunting a man over a murder have released new images of him with his gold front tooth missing.

Shaun Lyall was found dead at a house in Sidney Street, Cleethorpes, in July.

Abdi Ali, 28, is wanted in connection with his death and Humberside Police have discovered a mobile phone containing selfies of him.

The force said it confirmed he “had the gold tooth removed” after they initially thought he had covered it up to disguise himself.

Image copyright Humberside Police
Image caption The selfies were taken last June and found on a mobile phone, which was recovered by police

Officers said the photos were taken on 30 June and have appealed for help to find Mr Ali, who they believe is “a significant suspect” in their murder inquiry.

Det Insp Becky Dickinson said: “We know that Abdi Ali is a habitual drug user, and we know he has links with the Somalian communities in Sheffield and London where he has family connections.

“He also has connections in Lancashire, Merseyside, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Lincolnshire, and Cleveland.”

Image copyright Humberside Police
Image caption During the police investigation, Abdi Ali was known to officers for having a “distinctive” front gold tooth

Ms Dickinson said officers were pursuing further lines of inquiry.

“It is clear to me that someone is helping or hiding Abdi Ali. I want to remind that person or people that in doing so they are too committing a crime.

“I want to appeal to the public not to approach Abdi Ali as he can be a dangerous man when confronted. Call the police first.”

Image copyright Humberside Police
Image caption Shaun Lyall “loved playing the guitar and was always reading”, his mother said

Paying tribute to her son, Mr Lyall’s mother described him as “funny, witty and intelligent”.

She said he “did not deserve what happened to him” despite choosing “a different path”.

A £5,000 reward has been offered by Crimestoppers for help to find Mr Ali.

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Media captionAbdi Ali was seen with a shopping bag outside the shop on the morning of 17 July

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