Gabriel Jesus: Manchester City’s Brazilian players will help striker, says Pep Guardiola

Gabriel Jesus has scored five goals in Manchester City’s past two games

Manchester City’s Brazilian players can help support Gabriel Jesus once his family return to South America, says manager Pep Guardiola.

After scoring four times in Wednesday’s 9-0 win over Burton, Jesus, 21, said he would be on his own in England once his family fly back to Brazil on Tuesday.

“We cannot substitute the mother and when the family can’t be there, it’s difficult,” said Guardiola.

“But he is not alone and he has Brazilian guys here to help.”

Ederson, Danilo and Fernandinho are all Brazilian, while Jesus shares a language with Portugal international Bernardo Silva.

Jesus is among the youngest outfield players in Guardiola’s squad and came to City in January 2017, five months after he agreed a £27m transfer from Palmeiras.

Jesus says his family have provided immense support and is one of the reasons why he has scored seven goals in his last six games.

Guardiola accepts often, even by their managers, players’ domestic lives are not given the prominence they should in the assessment of their performances.

He said: “Private lives can affect shorter and medium term performances a lot.

“When we are happy in our lives, we are better in our jobs. Sometimes we judge the players and we really don’t know what is happening in their private lives.

“But we are there to help – the players know we are here and I don’t think it will be a problem over the next few months.”


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