Man jailed after climbing Mounteagle transmission tower

Coastguard at the transmitter mast
Image caption Police, fire, ambulance and coastguard crews have been at the scene since the morning

A man who climbed up a 244m (800ft) transmission tower and refused to leave it for more than 12 hours has been jailed for 16 months.

Steven Urquhart’s standoff with police on the Mounteagle transmission tower, near Munlochy, disrupted local digital radio broadcasts on 4 September.

At Inverness Sheriff Court, the 24-year-old, from Munlochy, admitted a number of offences.

They included conducting himself in a disorderly manner at the transmitter.

Sheriff Gordon Fleetwood was told that the standoff started just after 08:00 and ended at about 20:45 when Urquhart asked for help after nearly falling off the tower.

Police, ambulance and coastguard crews had been sent to the scene.


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