Homeless shelter bus in Cirencester given parking tickets

Big Yellow Bus Image copyright Gerry Watkins
Image caption The Big Yellow Bus Project was started in 2017

A double-decker bus used as a homeless shelter could be forced to move, after it was issued two parking tickets in a week.

The bus, which was parked on Old Tetbury Road in Cirencester, received the tickets after parking in a bus bay.

Gloucestershire County Council said the fines would be cancelled as long as it was moved to a safe and legal spot.

The Big Yellow Bus only began operating on Christmas Eve and was issued the first fine on New Year’s Eve.

Truck driver, Gerry Watkins, spent nearly £30,000 converting the double-decker bus having launched the project in 2017.

Mr Watkins said the county council were wrong to issue the two £70 fines because it was registered as a bus with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Councillor Joe Harris said it was ridiculous that it had been fined in the first place.


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