Teen guilty of murdering Viktorija Sokolova in park

Viktorija Sokolova Image copyright Family handout
Image caption Viktorika Sokolova was reported missing the day before her body was discovered on a park bench

A 16-year-old boy murdered and raped a schoolgirl in a park before dumping her body on a bench.

Viktorija Sokolova was 14 when her head was “smashed in” in Wolverhampton’s West Park on 12 April.

Her mother, who had to deny a hand in the murder, reported Viktorija missing the day before her body was found.

The teenager, who cannot be named, denied murder. He admitted he met and had sex with Viktorija in the park that night, claiming it was “consensual”.

Viktorija had been “subjected to a brutal and sustained attack and then dragged dead or dying to the park bench,” where she was “left in a very undignified position, half-naked”, Det Insp Caroline Corfield, from West Midlands Police, said.

Her body was discovered by a dog walker at about 07:00 BST. The man said he initially believed he had stumbled across a “prank” blow-up doll.

The teenage killer used Facebook messenger to arrange to meet her the night of her death at a pavilion in the park referred to as the “black house”.

After denying he had seen Viktorija for months, he eventually admitted having sex with her that night, but said she was “alive and well” when he left to go home.


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