Snake found at the back of a bus in Shipley

POLICE were called after a SNAKE was found at the back of a bus.

The TLC-operated single decker 629 bus was in the centre of Shipley and on its way to Mayo Avenue, Bankfoot, when the unusual incident unfolded at around 11.45am today.

A supervisor at the company said: “It was a bit of a panic. Police came straight away – we didn’t know if it was a deadly snake or not.”

He said the bus had to be evacuated while officers went onboard, but fortunately the creature wasn’t deadly and measured about 2ft in length. 

Joanne Searle, who said she was driving the bus at the time, says she has not been left “traumatised” by the experience. 

West Yorkshire Police’s Contact Centre tweeted:”Most unusual call today? Has to go to the bus driver reporting a snake at the back of the bus!!

“Snake has been safely removed and the bus is back on its usual route #noteveryday.”

Police confirmed the passengers – and snake – were unharmed. 

More to follow. 

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