Hotshot gardener confident of more Guinness World Record success

A PROFESSIONAL gardener hopes to have set a new world record during a frenetic hour of high speed carpentry and planting in Keighley town centre.

Steve Thorpe had been aiming to set the record for the most amount of planters constructed, filled with soil and planted up within one hour.

He drew on his many years of gardening experience to race past the existing record of 30 planters and complete 63 planters within the time limit.

He is now waiting for his feat, which is his third world record breaking effort, to be verified and confirmed by the Guinness World Records organisation.

Each of the wooden planters he had to make needed to be at least 15cms square.

Mr Thorpe, of Haworth, said: “It went brilliantly. I got into a really good rhythm and just carried on right the way through. It was like clockwork and it couldn’t have gone any better.

“A lot of people were there to encourage me on and it was great to have so many people supporting me.

“I more than doubled the record, finishing 63 planters. I did originally have a target in mind and hoped to get near 50, but I never thought I’d reach 63.

“I had two independent witnesses, as well as a timekeeper and a joiner to make sure I was making each planter correctly.

“I’ll be sending off all the video and photographic evidence to have the record confirmed.”

Mr Thorpe has already set separate world records for the highest number of plug plants and highest number of bedding plants planted in one hour and he said he has even more record-breaking attempts in mind.

“I have a couple of team records I’m interested in doing, but these would involve getting hundreds of people together so they would take a lot of organisation,” he added.

“If possible I’d like to set those records with a local school.”

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