Newspaper headlines: ‘Frantic Brexit talks’ and Meghan Markle’s dad

Image caption The Times says Theresa May is ready to work through the night to reach a compromise on the Irish border issue in her Brexit negotiations. The newspaper also reports that the value of bitcoins, a digital currency, is soaring but there are concerns that the growth will not last.
Image caption Also on the subject of Brexit, the Financial Times says Theresa May has been forced into “frantic talks” with the DUP as she races to meet the deal deadline. The newspaper also says one in 20 UK companies that have submitted gender pay gap data to the government have reported numbers that are statistically improbable.
Image caption The Daily Mirror says Meghan Markle’s dad would love to give his daughter away at next year‘s royal wedding.
Image caption The Guardian quotes a report by the government’s spending watchdog that students taking out huge loans to pay for higher education are being failed by universities in England, with only one in three saying they receive value for money.
Image caption The i says a government minister promises to act after an £800,000 package for a vice chancellor was revealed.
Image caption The Daily Mail says Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has “stood his ground” over comments that British terrorists should be killed.
Image caption The Metro reports that a 17-year-old boy who tried to kill his victim with a paving slab has been convicted of attempted murder.
Image caption The Daily Express warns that sub-zero temperatures in Britain are likely to last throughout next week.
Image caption The Daily Star reports that at least one person died when Storm Caroline battered the UK.

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