Newspaper headlines: Pressure grows over Brexit and the ‘call girl who rocked Britain’ dies

Image caption The Guardian reports that Theresa May is facing growing pressure to secure a breakthrough in the Brexit talks with the EU. The paper also reports on the death of Christine Keeler, who had an affair with Conservative cabinet minister John Profumo as a teenager in the 60s. The scandal shook Harold Macmillan’s government. She is pictured on almost all of Wednesday’s front pages.
Image caption City AM reports that Brexit Secretary David Davis is seeking to reassure MPs over the future of Northern Ireland, in the wake of Monday’s intervention in negotiations by the Democratic Unionist Party.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph says Theresa May is facing a Cabinet revolt after Brexiteers expressed fear the prime minister was trying to force through a soft Brexit.
Image caption The Metro reports on the biggest rail fare increase in five years. The newspaper says ticket prices are due to go up by 3.4% on average in 2018.
Image caption The i says there have been renewed calls from passengers and Labour for Britain’s railways to be renationalised, following the news of the rail fare increase.
Image caption The Times says it has learnt that Chancellor Philip Hammond has been banned from using a fleet of RAF jets and helicopters until the Treasury settles a bill with the Ministry of Defence.
Image caption The Financial Times reports that James Murdoch has been suggested as a potential successor to Bob Iger, chief executive of Walt Disney, in talks with the company over the sale of 21st Century Fox.
Image caption The Daily Mail reports on a pledge by 100 nations to stop polluting the oceans.
Image caption The Daily Mirror reports that counter-terror police have foiled an alleged plot to kill Theresa May and bomb Downing Street.
Image caption The Sun focuses on the same story and says two men have been charged by police.

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