Two men had knife fight in street as public looked on

Two men had a knife fight in broad daylight in the middle of Keighley over a vehicle debt, Bradford Crown Court heard today.

Father of six, Majid Iqbal, was wounded in the arm and his opponant, Zahid Hussain, cut on the shoulder during the violence at 4pm on Bradford Road, Keighley.

Iqbal, 40, of Devonshire Street West, Keighley, pleaded guilty to threatening with an offensive weapon in public and was sentenced to five months imprisonment, suspended for two years, with 120 hours of unpaid work.

Mr Hussain was not prosecuted, the court was told.

Prosecutor Conor Quinn said the men arranged to meet on May 24 and both were armed with knives.

It was stated that Mr Hussain produced his weapon first and the two fought in front of members of the public. The police were quickly on the scene and Iqbal threw away a kitchen knife from his back pocket.

Jonathan Turner said in mitigation that Iqbal knew Mr Hussain habitually carried a knife so he brought one as well. The incident took place in a side street and lasted only seconds.

Both men were treated in hospital for their wounds.

Recorder Ray Singh said: “Two grown men on the streets of this city brandishing knives is a receipe for disaster.”

But it would be unjust to jail Iqbal when he had no previous convictions and Mr Hussain had not been prosecuted.

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