Long-standing Bradford fish and chip shop under new ownership

A COUPLE who have taken over a long-standing Bradford fish and chip shop saw the opportunity as a “new start.”

Former nurse Lisa Thompson, 36, and her delivery driver husband Paul Thompson, 47, have taken over the lease at 713 Wakefield Road, Bradford, now renamed The Golden Fish. The premises, formally known as Wakefield Road Fisheries, had been in the hands of the previous owners for 50 years, said Mrs Thompson.

Mrs Thompson said she and her husband had both been “working unsuitable and long hours” which stopped them seeing enough of their children, aged 10, eight and five. She said: “It was hard to juggle both life and work.”

Both have previous experience of working with food. Mr Thompson is a trained chef and Mrs Thompson worked with him at a Leeds pub. Their experience helped them shake things up by adding different types of curry to the menu, something that has proved popular with customers so far. The couple said life was now “more relaxed and happy” and the children are loving it too.

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