Newspaper headlines: ‘Weinstein backlash’ as more speak out

Image caption The Daily Mirror is one of several papers to cover the latest allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who British actress Cara Delevingne has claimed tried to kiss her in a hotel room.
Image caption The i reports on comments from Prime Minister Theresa May, who has praised the “courage” of women who have spoken out about Mr Weinstein.
Image caption “Daggers have been drawn” between the prime minister and her chancellor, according to the Daily Mail, which says the relationship between Theresa May and Philip Hammond is in the “deep freeze” after claims he undermined her Brexit strategy.
Image caption The Metro warns that Brexit “could ground planes”, as Chancellor Philip Hammond admitted European flights will stop on day one “should talks break down” and the UK leave the EU without a trade deal.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph leads on comments from the social care minister which the paper says has reignited the ‘dementia tax row’. It reports that MP Jackie Doyle-Price has suggested pensioners’ property is not “an asset to give to their off-spring” but could instead be sold to pay for their care needs.
Image caption The Guardian leads on a report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which finds taxing the rich would not have an “adverse impact on growth” – something which the paper says “demolishes the argument” against raising income tax rates for the top 1%.
Image caption The Sun reports that Britain’s most wanted women, Sally Jones – the so-called ‘White Widow’ who left the UK to become an IS recruiter – was killed by a US drone strike in June, according to US intelligence agency the CIA.
Image caption The Financial Times reports that US tech companies Ebay and Netflix collectively paid just £1.9m in UK tax last year, despite having millions of British customers, which the paper says “raises questions”.
Image caption The Times says US President Donald Trump will meet the Queen during a “downgraded” visit to the UK next year in the hope – the paper says – that a royal audience will “mollify” him.
Image caption The Daily Express leads with the announcement that the Queen will not lay the wreath at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday next month, in what the paper describes as a “clear sign that age is catching up with her”.

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