Housing development planned for garages site

A PLOT of land in East Bowling could become a development of 12 houses if new plans are approved.

A planning application for six pairs of semi detached houses on land off Lister Avenue has been submitted to Bradford Council by Faisal Sheikh.

The 2,828 square metre site, behind a row of terraced houses, is home to 13 garages and allotment gardens, as well as a large amount of vegetation. The new plans would see these removed and the houses built in their place. Access to the new development would be from Lister Avenue, and a new public footpath onto the site would be built

The application says the houses would all be four bedroom, and each would have two parking spaces.

Police have raised some concerns about the applications, questioning whether the two access points could leave to highways safety issues.

A decision on the application will be made by the Council in late December.

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