What is poutine, the Canadian delicacy that’s made its way to Yorkshire?

T&A Q&A: Poutine

As Yorkshire’s first poutine takeaway prepares to open in Bradford, you’re probably wondering what exactly poutine is. Fortunately, we’ve got your back.

Poutine? Isn’t he that bloke that runs Russia?

No, that’s Putin. According to Brooklyn Fries’ Facebook page, poutine is “handcut rustic fries, fresh cheese curds, homemade gravy and delicious toppings of your choice.”

Isn’t that just cheesy chips?

No, no. “You’ve never had anything like this before”, it says here.

I’ve had cheesy chips before.

Don’t forget the gravy.

I’ve definitely had chips and gravy before.

Ah, but have you had chips, cheese and gravy together? With a fried egg on top?

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Well, there was that one Saturday morning when I had a real dire wolf of a hangover.

Funnily enough, poutine does have a reputation as a hangover cure. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Can we start again?

Okay. Poutine? Didn’t he used to play for Grimsby Town?

No, that was Alan Pouton. Poutine is a fast food dish from Quebec in Canada that’s gradually spreading around the world. In New York it’s sometimes known as “disco fries”.

That’s a better name, to be honest.

Have some respect for a Canadian institution. Over there it’s been a greasy-spoon specialty since the 50s – although admittedly the version that’s made it to the UK is being pitched as a more gourmet dish.

Go on then. What’s this got that I can’t get from any chippy by asking for cheesy chips and gravy?

Well, this isn’t just any old cheese. This is cheese curd – it’s what the Quebecois have on theirs, and it makes all the difference, or so we’re told. And the chips – sorry, ‘fries’ – will be hand-cut on site from locally-sourced spuds before being twice-cooked for extra crispiness.

Ah, so it’s hipster cheesy chips.

Poutine does have a cult following in London, Liverpool and Glasgow, so you might have a point. Brooklyn Fries claims to be the first outlet of its kind in Yorkshire, but it probably won’t be the last.

One last thing: if poutine is Canadian, why’s this place called Brooklyn Fries?

Your guess is as good as ours.

  • Brooklyn Fries opens on October 7th at 1pm in Upper Millergate, Bradford 

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