Horrified dad finds DEADLY creature inches away from baby’s cot – but can YOU spot it?

Snake cot viral picture dad finds deadly creature near baby cotFACEBOOK

SHOCK: The deadly creature was hiding just inches away from the child’s cot

The dad, from Queensland, Australia, was left horrified when he found a potentially deadly snake hiding just a few inches from the child’s bed.

He called in a team of snake catchers, who removed the reptile and later shared a snap of the baby’s cot on Facebook.

They invited their followers to try and spot the snake in the picture, and it proved to be a bit tricky for some.

So, can you spot the snake hiding in the pic?

In the photo, the snake can be seen slithering on the floor next to a box of nappies on the left of the frame.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers wrote on Facebook: “Not a good place to find a snake! A Little Mountain local was vacuuming his house today when he saw what he thought to be a young Brown Snake in the babies room!

“Keeping an eye on the snake he gave us a call and I rushed out. The culprit was actually a mildly venomous Yellow-faced Whipsnake. See if you can find him in this photo!”

Snake cot viral picture dad finds deadly creature near baby cotFACEBOOK

INCREDIBLE: The snake can barely be spotted on the left of the picture

Several users expressed shock or horror over the fact that the snake was in a baby’s room.

One user wrote: “I can’t find it. Starting to question decision to move to the Sunshine Coast.”

Another added: “When my baby was a few months old (always laying on the floor on their blanket) we had multiple whip snakes in the house.”

The critter was revealed to have been a Yellow-faced whip snake – “potentially dangerous” to humans, especially children according to Wildlife Queensland.


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