Fireworks making city sound like a war zone, say angry residents

FIREWORKS being let off after the 11pm watershed are making Bradford sound like a “war zone”, say angry residents.

A number of people are saying the explosives have been set off almost each night for the past few weeks, disturbing sleep and causing unnecessary worry.

Ihsan Khan, who lives in Little Horton, contacted the Telegraph & Argus saying he and his neighbours were fed up with the almost nightly noise and that those responsible were “making life hell”.

“It’s getting ridiculous that nearly every night people are letting off huge amounts of fireworks after midnight,” he said.

“It is not fair on those of us who have to get up early to go to work. The loud bangs and explosions are going on into the early hours sometimes and you can’t sleep.

“I appreciate they are mostly Asian weddings and it is customary to set fireworks off, but they should be thinking of the upset they are causing and be more considerate.

“I have phoned the police about it. I rang 101 five times in one week and they said they would look into it. I have also phoned my local councillor.”

Laws surrounding the use of fireworks are clear in that they may not be let off between 11pm and 7am except on Bonfire Night when the time is extended to midnight, and at Diwali, Chinese New Year and New Year’s Eve when the time is extended to 1am.

Alan Clegg, of Leeds Road, Bradford, said: “The fireworks are getting horrendous. It’s almost every night. It sounds like a war zone.

“I spoke to the Council about it last year when it got bad and they said they’d try and take a look.

Christine Whelan, of Wibsey, said: “It used to be Bonfire Night, then New Year. Now it’s all year. But when it’s bang, bang, bang for 20 minutes at a late hour and folks have to get up to go to work, it’s simply not acceptable, no matter who is setting them off.”

Councillor David Green (Labour, Wibsey) said: “This seems to be a growing issue across the city. We (the Council) are in contact with police and are also contacting Trading Standards to ask about sales etc.

Cllr Talat Sajawal (Ind, Little Horton) said: “I have heard the fireworks and they have woken me too. It is a disregard for the law as well as disrespect for fellow residents. I will bring the matter up at the next ward partnership meeting.”

A spokesman for Bradford Council said: “If people complain to us about noise from fireworks it is logged on our system for investigation as a noise nuisance. The offence of letting fireworks off after 11pm is enforced by the police.”

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said fireworks nuisance after 11pm can be reported by ringing 101: “We take this sort of nuisance seriously. There are guidelines on our website surrounding fireworks use.”


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