Who Dares Wings: SAS use stealth ‘squirrel’ wingsuits to eliminate terrorists


DEATH FROM ABOVE: SAS are using specially designed stealth wingsuits to attack terrorists

Soldiers from the specialist “Air Troop” have spent months training with them in the French Alps.

They are thought to be based on the “flying squirrel” outfits pioneered by extreme sports enthusiasts.

It is understood commanders wanted an alternative to the parachutes the regiment has used for more than 40 years.

The new gliding suits let troopers cover greater distances than when they use the old free-fall technique.

“The wingsuits have been a revelation and have now been battle proven”


They can leap from an aircraft up to 30 miles from a target and approach in near silence.

The Daily Star Sunday can reveal the SAS used the suits for the fi rst time last month while conducting a top-secret “kill not capture” mission in northern Syria.

Troops jumped from a high-flying transport aircraft and fl ew for more than 20 miles in a joint operation with US special forces.


INSPIRED: The wingsuits are thought to be based on outfits pioneered by extreme sports fans

Within seconds of landing, the men had ditched their wingsuits and began assaulting a compound belonging to a senior Islamic State commander.

The operation took place in darkness and the SAS team used night vision goggles to approach the target before killing the fighters guarding the compound.

One source last night said: “The wingsuits have been a revelation and have now been battle proven.

“The SAS team landed silently and at night and were inside the compound within minutes.

“Once they had breached the walls a fierce firefight began as the Isis gunmen attempted to protect their commander.

“The 24-strong SAS team began to move through the building searching for the commander.


SILENT: Wing suits are silent, unlike loud Chinook choppers

“Eventually the SAS were forced to withdraw as they were low on ammunition but they called in an airstrike and killed the commander and at least 12 other terrorists.

“The mission was a complete success and it is now likely that the wingsuits will be used on many more operations.”

The suits are just part of a range of new equipment being issued to British special forces.

Over the next two years, the SAS will get better weapons, ammunition and grenade launchers.

Much of it is coming from the US military which has designed lightweight armour for special forces and even developed drugs to boost soldiers’ performance in battle.


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