‘The establishment is CHIPPING AWAY at Brexit’ Whittle fumes at prospect of soft EU exit

The deputy Ukip leader, who is running for leader, spoke about his party’s role as the “guard dogs of ” following the EU referendum last year.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, he said lambasted the “political establishment” and defended his party’s stance on other issues such as its staunch opposition to Sharia courts.

He said: “I think what people are seeing more and more is a political establishment, which in one way or another, is basically chipping away at the whole idea of Brexit.

“More people voted for Brexit last year than have voted for anything in this country, we [Ukip] have got to be the guard dogs of that.

“But as I have just said and I hope I have just explained we have also got to be the party that looks at these very fundamental issues going on in British society which the other parties simply ignore or are cowards about.”

The comments come after the key figures in Government, including Chancellor Philip Hammond, backed a transitional period following Brexit.

Movement in the cabinet has since prompted if Brexit is “frustrated” during a speech in Washington DC.

The former Ukip leader fumed at the thought of a Brexit “in name only” before firing at cabinet ministers for “backsliding” on the EU referendum result.

He branded the Government’s “weak” approach a “betrayal” of the 17.4million people who voted Leave last year.

Speaking at the Young America’s Foundation event, he said: “I think the great Brexit betrayal has already begun.

“I’m hearing British ministers speaking about fisheries, speaking about financial contributions, speaking about immigration and frankly doing so in a way that is backsliding, is gutless and is weak.”

The 11 candidates for Ukip leader are David Allen, Henry Bolton, David Coburn, Jane Collins, David Kurten, Marion Mason, Aidan Powlesland, John Rees-Evans, Ben Walker, Anne Marie Waters and Peter Whittle.


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