Perseid meteor shower: It’s happening TONIGHT and THIS is where you can watch it

Perseid meteor shower GETTY STOCK IMAGE

PERSEID METEOR SHOWER 2017: The most dramatic display of the year is taking place tonight

The annual is predicted to be one of the most spectacular shows of the year – but don’t worry if you’re missing out tonight, the display is expected to dazzle the skies for a whole week.

The BBC Weather centre said it would peak from 23:00 until 04:00 and it could be seen in most parts of the UK.

Astronomers says hundreds of meteors will streak across the sky in a display that may be visible around the world.

“The Perseids can be very bright and often quite spectacular”

Robin Scagell

The Perseid meteor shower occurs every July and August as the planet passes debris from the Swift-Tuttle comet.

But experts say the Perseids could be harder to see this year as the Moon will be three-quarters full.

The shower will continue all through the week until August 24.

Perseid meteor showerGETTY STOCK IMAGE

METEOR: The annual Perseids is predicted to be one of the most spectacular shows of the year

Robin Scagell, vice president of the Society for Popular Astronomy, said he was still hopeful of a good display.

He added: “We can look forward to a decent display, even though they aren’t going to be raining down from the sky.

“The Perseids can be very bright and often quite spectacular. Some meteor showers are slow, but we are moving into the Perseid stream so they are coming at us quite swiftly.”

“You might be lucky or unlucky; that’s the way with meteors,” he said.

It comes after experts have warned the releasing about 20,000,000 hydrogen bombs exploding.

It would bring the worst mass extinction Earth has seen in hundreds of millions of years.


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