REVEALED: London Bridge terrorist was trying to get job with Wimbledon security firm

Khuram Butt and WimbledonGetty

London Bridge terror attacker Khuram Butt had been trying to get a job at Wimbledon tennis court

The terrorist, 27, had even set up a job interview with the security firm that specialises in providing personnel to Wimbledon and Premier league football clubs.

It is not known why he wanted to get the job but security services are investigating his motivation.

He was, however, due to go to an interview with the firm, later this month, sources tell The Telegraph.

Intelligence officials will look into whether Mr Butt had wanted to get the job in a bid to plan a terror attack from the inside.

The father-of-two had previously worked for London Underground until October 2016.

MI5 and counter terrorism officials were watching him but he was considered a low risk. 

They do not tend to pass on criminal data on persons of interest so the hiring manager would not have known he was a security risk.

fake suicide vests Getty

Detectives investigating the London Bridge attack have released images of the fake suicide vests

He had even managed to get a job at Westminster tube station, a few stops away from London Bridge, where he and two others would kill eight and injure 48, 21 critically.

A source close to the intelligence services told The Telegraph that the security firm would check his background but it does not have access to the police watchlist or knowledge of any MI5 investigation. 

This would mean that there would be been no reason for him not to get the job.

Detectives investigating the London Bridge attack have released images of the terrorists’ blood-spattered fake suicide belts.

Police responded when terrorists launched an attackGetty

Police responded when terrorists killed eight and injured 48, on London Bridge

The phoney bombs were simply disposable water bottles wrapped in silver and black tape and attached to leather belts, although they were designed to create “maximum fear”, police said.

Attackers Mr Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba each wore one of the bogus explosive devices when they launched a van and knife rampage that killed eight people and injured dozens more.

Metropolitan Police Commander Dean Haydon praised the bravery of the police officers and members of public who tackled the three – despite the possibility they could have been killed in an explosion.

London Bridge terror victimsPA

The terrorists killed these eight people during a sick night of violence in the heart of London

He said: “I have not seen this tactic in the UK before where terrorists create maximum fear by strapping fake explosives to themselves. Anyone who saw them on the night would have thought they were genuine.”

Mr Butt, 27, Mr Zaghba, 22 and Mr Redouane, 30, were still wearing the belts when they were shot dead by armed officers within eight minutes of their marauding attack beginning.

Inspector Jim Cole, one of the first officers on the scene as the attack began, described how he hid 200 revellers in a pub cellar amid fears suicide bombers were on the loose outside.

As revellers returned to Borough Market in a show of defiance on Saturday, police revealed Mr Butt also tried to hire a 7.5-tonne lorry hours before the attack.

Detectives suspect the carnage inflicted could have been even worse if the ringleader of the terror gang had not failed to secure the vehicle because his payment did not go through.

Instead he resorted to “plan B” and rented a white van which ploughed into pedestrians.

After leaving the vehicle, the terrorists used 12in ceramic knives with pink blades in a stabbing spree.

Detectives made their 20th arrest in relation to the investigation on Saturday, with seven men now held in custody in connection with the attack.

Investigators have spoken to 262 people from 19 different countries in connection with the probe, 78 of whom are “significant” witnesses.

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