Ian Brady and Myra Hindley ‘killed SEVEN MORE – and THESE are their names’

The sick killers are believed to have even more victimsDS

MOORS: The sick killers are believed to have even more victims

The evil couple were caged for life for the torture and murder of five children around Manchester in the 1960s.

But police, prosecutors and investigators have long believed the bodies of other victims lie out there unfound.

Brady – who last month – even .

Now Daily Star Online can name seven more possible victims of the sick lovers.

We revealed one other victim – – last month.

But six other names have emerged – including one teenager girl who very strongly matches an alleged confession of further killing made by Hindley.

Brady and Hindley were convicted of murdering five children between July 1963 and October 1965.

Private investigator and writer Darren Rae has spent years trawling records of missing children around the Greater Manchester area.

Mr Rae has identified a total of seven more people who went missing during the period that Brady and Hindley were killing:

  • John Betteridge – Missing 1964
  • Jennifer Tighe – Missing December 1964
  • Susan Ormrod – Missing July 1965
  • John Olleren – Missing September 1965
  • Michael Hayes – Missing September 1965
  • Gertrude Brookes – Missing 1965
  • Barbara White – Missing 1965

Neither they nor their bodies have ever been found.


MISSING: Jennifer Tighe is believed to have been killed by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

“I have no reason to doubt what Calvey says”

Giovanni Di Stefano

Jennifer Tighe, 14, went missing in Oldham on December 30, 1964.

She is thought to have been picked up while hitchhiking outside Oldham Cinema that night.

Brady has reportedly admitted visiting the spot on the night she disappeared.

And Hindley allegedly confessed to a fellow prison inmate that she and Brady killed a 14-year-old girl with the initials JT, Daily Star Online can reveal.

A report of missing girl Jennifer TigheOLDHAM EVENING CHRONICLE

REPORT: A newspaper cutting reporting Jennifer Tighe as missing

Mr Rae told Daily Star Online: “A fellow prisoner of Myra Hindley, during her incarceration, has stated that the Moors Murderer confessed to her that they had killed a young hitchhiker who Myra and her lover Ian Brady had picked up.

“The so-called ‘Black Widow’, Linda Calvey, claimed Hindley had revealed to her that her fifth victim was a 14-year-old with the initials JT.

“One of Brady’s previous lawyers, Giovanni Di Stefano, revealed the girl was 14, her initials were JT and she was staying at a children’s home in Oldham at the time.

“Following a period of investigation and speaking to family members, he said the name behind the initials JT was Jennifer Tighe.”


CONFESSION: Myra Hindley made her confession to murderer Linda Calvey (centre)

Jennifer was visiting her dad in Bardsley, Greater Manchester, at the time she vanished.

But she lived at a children’s home in Oldham.

Calvey – who was jailed for shooting dead her lover Ronnie Cook in 1990 – met Hindley in the former Highpoint North Prison, in Suffolk.

The alleged confession came when Hindley was doing her hair.

Myra Hindley in BlackpoolGETTY

KILLER: Myra Hindley on holiday in Blackpool

Calvey told a tabloid newspaper: “She talked about how sad it was if you disappeared off the face of the earth and nobody knew or cared.

“I laughed and said in my position I would think it would be wonderful to disappear.

“She said: ‘No, I mean, disappearing off the face of the earth and nobody bother.’”

Calvey claimed Hindley told her she and Brady went out for a drive and saw a young girl thumbing a lift.

The girl was going to see a friend in Kilburn, northwest London.

Calvey claims Hindley refused to divulge the girl’s name and when she asked Hindley why she had never mentioned another victim, she allegedly replied: “Would you declare somebody nobody had ever mentioned?”

Ian BradyPA

ROT IN HELL: A court artist’s sketch of Ian Brady in 2013

Di Stefano previously said: “I have no reason to doubt what Calvey says. I know her and I knew Myra very well.

“There is no point in going to the police with this information because it would serve no purpose.

“Brady is not going to go on trial again for murder.”

Little information exists about the other five missing children.


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