Transport Ministry denies installing AES cameras in Miri

KUALA LUMPUR: The Transport Ministry today denied reports on a portal (See Hua Daily) that three Automated Enforcement System (AES) were installed at three locations in Miri, Sarawak this year.

The Transport Ministry in a statement today said only seven new locations have been identified to incorporate the AES and traffic offence demerit system (Kejara) to create awareness under the Automated Awareness Safety System (Awas) throughout Malaysia effective April 15.

“Reports that said 831 units of cameras were installed throughout the country, including 18 units in Sarawak is not true,” said the ministry in the statement.

The Ministry has never set a specific number of cameras to be installed but instead the Awas system would be studied in detail and feedback from the people taken into account.

“The Transport Ministry would also like to deny the same report that said the Awas system would take over the entire enforcement of traffic offences from the police,” said the statement adding that both systems would be under the police. — Bernama


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