Senior Cabinet ministers reportedly urge May to sack advisers Nick Timothy & Fiona Hill

According to Nicholas Watt, the political editor of Newsnight, ministers have “made clear in no uncertain terms” that the Prime Minister must remove Mr Timothy and Ms Hill from her Downing Street team.

Mr Watt said the Cabinet was “shell-shocked” by the election result, after Theresa May’s gamble to call a snap poll backfired spectacularly.

Mr Timothy and Ms Hill are known were known for keeping Mrs May under close guard at the Home Office before she moved into Number 10.

Ministers have reportedly accused the two special advisers of acting like deputy Prime Ministers over their stranglehold on power in Whitehall.

Sarah Wollaston, an influential Tory backbencher, has called for the Prime Minister’s “inner circle of special advisers” to go and for Mrs May to be “far more inclusive”.

Mr Timothy and Ms Hill earn £140,000 a year – almost double the salary of MPs.

The news comes after Mrs May lost the Conservatives’ majority in the General Election on Thursday following a disastrous campaign.

The Tories won 318 seats – short of an absolute majority while Labour won 266 seats under Jeremy Corbyn.

A number of high profile Conservatives have withdrawn their support for Mrs May after the shock result.

Anna Soubry told the BBC she did not know where to begin when talking about the outcome.

She said: “It did not make her look like the strong and stable Prime Minister she had said that she said she was.

“That was a difficult and very serious blow I think in terms of her own credibility.”

She castigated the Tories’ election campaign and blamed Mrs May’s u-turn on social care for “deeply flawing” her leadership.

Reports have surfaced that Boris Johnson is “sounding out” allies in the Commons to mount a potential coup against the Prime Minister.

One Tory MP reportedly said the Foreign Secretary is “already on manoeuvres” trying to win support for a leadership bid.

The odds on the Uxbridge and Ruislip MP becoming the next Prime Minister were slashed from 66/1 to 5/1 after the exit poll was released Thursday evening.


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