Killer Dale Cregan treated to designer clothes and birthday cake while in prison

dale cregan birthday surpriseEPA

BIRTHDAY BOY: Killer Dale Cregan enjoyed a very happy birthday with presents in prison

He was visited by sisters Kelly and Stacey, who told pals they wanted to take him a cake with a confectionary file on top as a joke – but were told food items are banned.

They instead ordered a small cake from the secure hospital’s shop and washed it down with tea.

They also sang “Happy birthday” to the four-time on the two-hour visit to Ashworth Hospital, Merseyside.

Pc Fiona Bone Pc Nicola HughesPA

VICTIMS: PC Fiona Bone (left) and PC Nicola Hughes were gunned down in cold blood

“They also brought him a load of clothes – designer T-shirts and boxer shorts”


A source said: “They had to make do with prison cake from the shop because visitors aren’t allowed to bring in food – especially cakes, as they might have a file in for real.

“They also brought him a load of clothes – designer T-shirts and boxer shorts. They were left at reception to be taken to him after they had been checked.

“Stacey and Kelly sang to him and he looked a little embarrassed.”

instagram post dale creganINSTAGRAM

FAMILY TIES: Kelly Cregan posted a loving birthday message for her murderous brother Dale

Earlier in the week, Kelly posted a message on Instagram with a photo of shaven-headed Cregan that read: “Wishing the best brother that anybody could ask for in the whole wide world a happy birthday.

“Hoping one day there will be a miracle and you’ll be back where you belong love and miss ya long time day day xxxxxxx”

But Cregan – who she calls by his pet name Day Day – will never be freed.

He is serving a whole life sentence for cold-bloodedly Fiona Bone, 32, and Nicola Hughes, 23, in September 2012.

He lured the officers to an address in Hattersley, Tameside, with a hoax 999 call and shot them both before setting off hand grenades.

Cregan was staying at the house while on the run for murdering David Short, 46, and his son Mark, 23, in a pub in Droylsden.

He then calmly walked into a police station to confess to the brutal crimes.

It costs the taxpayer around £90,000-a-year to house Cregan in the hospital – once home to the late Moors murderer Ian Brady – and visitors can claim half of their travel expenses for visits.

Visitors to Ashworth are allowed to hug and kiss patients on arrival and departure.

Holding hands is also permitted under the hospital regime.

Bags are not allowed to be brought into the visiting room and everyone is given a metal detector scan and body rub-down by a same-sex employee.

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