Severe Storms Unleash Texas Tornadoes, California Floods

Severe weather in California and Texas has unleashed deadly flooding, powerful winds, and destructive tornadoes in the two states.

At least six tornadoes tore through central Texas on Monday, ripping roofs from homes and damaging nearly four dozen houses.

San Antonio was hit hardest, with about 150 buildings damaged, including at least three homes that completely collapsed.

While no deaths or major injuries were reported, there were plenty of close calls.

“It sounded like a sonic boom,” said San Antonio resident Adrian Venegas. “And by the time I realized it was a tornado, our roof disappeared on us. It just completely vanished.”

Thankfully Venegas’ family of four was spared as they found shelter at a neighbor’s home.

Teenager Alexis Stephen miraculously survived as well, after tornado debris suddenly blasted into her home without warning.

“All of a sudden my window just like shot in,” she recalled. “Everything fell apart in a matter of like two or three seconds.”

One tornado bent a high-voltage transmission tower completely in half in northeastern San Antonio. Power was knocked out for 47,000 customers, but that’s mostly been restored.

Meanwhile, California has been bracing for more wind and rain Tuesday as forecasters issued flash flood warnings across the San Francisco Bay area and northern California.

Creeks and rivers are already swollen from heavy rains, and some areas were evacuated after a levee breach on the San Joaquin River.

However, there has also been some good news as water levels have fallen at the Oroville Dam, where a damaged spillway had prompted officials to evacuate 188,000 people.

Five people were killed by the powerful storms in California over the weekend, and about half of the state has been under flood, wind and snow advisories.


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