Tuesday’s national newspaper front pages

:: The Metro, Daily Mirror

Peers in the House of Lords are under attack for wasting taxpayers’ money at what is described as “The best day care centre for the elderly”.

:: i newspaper, Daily Express

Pensions are going to be targeted by the government with some people losing up to 30 per cent of their retirement cash.

Tuesday's national newspaper front pages
Video: Tuesday’s national newspaper front pages

:: Financial Times

The investment giant involved in the failed bid to take over Unilever is looking for other big companies to target with a $15bn war chest.

:: The Sun

Fashion designer Stella McCartney was filmed after she was involved in a collision with a taxi while driving her car.

:: The Telegraph

The European Union will continue to demand billions of pounds from the UK for years after it finally leaves the EU.

:: The TImes

Conservative MPs are turning on the Communities Secretary Sajid Javid because of the increase in business rates.

:: The Guardian

Failure ot secure a proper trade deal with Europe after Brexit will cost Britain Billions of pounds.

:: The Star

The actor Danny Dyer will be returning to Eastenders within weeks after taking a holiday.


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