Carl Bridgewater: Police review of evidence ‘coming in March’

Carl Bridgewater
Image caption Thirteen-year-old Carl Bridgewater’s murder case remains unsolved

The findings of a review of evidence in the unsolved 1978 murder of paperboy Carl Bridgewater will be revealed in March, police say.

The Staffordshire force says it follows a documentary that queried an alibi given to police at the time by a man who was later jailed for a separate shooting.

Carl Bridgewater was 13 when he was shot in the head at point-blank range while delivering newspapers.

The documentary aired in June 2016.

Questions raised

It featured Bert Spencer – who denies having anything to do with the teenager’s murder at Yew Tree Farm in Prestwood, Stourbridge – and what he decades ago told police of his movements when he was a suspect in the case.

Mr Spencer, who had been a neighbour of the Bridgewater family, was later convicted of shooting his friend in the same village in 1979; a murder for which he served a prison sentence.

After the programme aired on Channel 4, Staffordshire Police said it was “considering the content of the documentary to ascertain whether new information is available beyond what we already know”.

In it, questions are raised over Mr Spencer’s whereabouts on the day Carl died.

Image copyright ITN Productions/Channel 4
Image caption Bert Spencer has maintained he did not murder Carl Bridgewater

An ex-hospital secretary, who had provided Mr Spencer with what he described as a “cast-iron” alibi, told the documentary she could not prove where he was that day.

Four men – the so-called Bridgewater Four – were convicted of Carl’s murder and jailed in 1979.

Their convictions were overturned 18 years later amid concerns about police evidence.

Carl is thought to have disturbed a burglary when he was shot.

No exact date in March has been set for the sharing of findings of the evidence review.

The case has been periodically reviewed to piece together the circumstances surrounding the murder.

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