Campus Pro-Life Group Receives Backlash from Local Business for ‘Saving Lives’

An Ann Arbor business has criticized a University of Michigan pro-life group for planning a fundraiser that will help students facing unplanned pregnancies. 

Students for Life group at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor will hold a silent auction fundraiser next month. The group said their goal is to provide young women with financial, emotional and other support they need throughout the course of their pregnancy.

They reached out to local businesses explaining their goals and asked for donations of a gift card or merchandise.

“Devoted to defending all human life, from conception to natural death, we are dedicated to supporting anyone, particularly students, facing an unplanned pregnancy by providing fiscal, material, and emotional support. Your donation will help us to continue to provide such support,” read their letter in part.

Everyday Wines in Ann Arbor did not respond politely to the inquiry. 

Sarah, who reached out to the local businesses, said she was surprised at the response she received from the organization.

“I was surprised when I got the email because of the tone of it. They were condescending. They could have just declined the request but they didn’t,” she said. “It was strange that they mentioned the refugees because it has nothing to do with our mission.” 

“Students for Life at the University of Michigan is a shining example of the pro-life generation. This all-volunteer group works tirelessly to make a positive difference on their campus and in their community, supporting women in crisis pregnancies and educating peers about the predatory abortion industry,” Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, explained of the organization. 

Rachel Crawford, the group’s campus president, told CBN News that Everyday Wines was the only businesses to give them pushback on their fundraiser. 

“This response gives direct evidence to the influence Planned Parenthood has on the abortion issue,” she said. “They are the first organization that comes to mind for supporters of legal abortion. Those who oppose the work of Students for Life on college campuses are direct allies of Planned Parenthood because they are the largest and loudest abortion advocates.”

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider, performing one out of every three abortions.

“Everyday Wines could have at the least politely declined with an ounce of civility – instead they had to attack SFL at UM in a condescending tone. It’s one more indication that this is the face of the pro-abortion movement now and it’s not one of love and compassion but one of intolerance and hatred,” Hawkins said.

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