Mum’s victory for severely ill son

Mum’s victory for severely ill son as she walks to freedom with CANNABIS through customs after UK flight home

Customs failed to challenge Charlotte Caldwell about the illegal substance after she announced she was bringing it on the flight from LA to Dublin

A mum has been allowed to bring illegal drugs into the UK from Los Angeles on a flight after Customs failed to challenge her about the substance.

The cannabis oil is a desperate attempt to keep her severely ill son’s potentially fatal epileptic seizures under control.

Charlotte, from Castlederg, had travelled with sick Billy and her oldest child Kyle from Los Angeles overnight.

The mum-of-two had announced through Belfast Live that she would be bringing outlawed cannabis oil into the Republic and that she would declare it at Customs.

But when she did, no challenge was made by officials, no questions were asked and Charlotte and her sons walked through the doors to freedom and the waiting media and supporters.

Charlotte said: “I felt anxious as we left the plane but I knew it was the right thing to do.

“So I stopped at Customs and declared Billy’s drugs and all we heard from the Customs officials was the words, ‘Thank you, you can carry on’.

“It felt like the door was literally being opened to us, it felt like we already have legalised medicinal cannabis, it felt like a victory for common sense.”

Billys brother Kyle flew to LA yesterday to help bring the 11-year-old and his mother home to Castlederg.


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