UK Warnings

Weather Warning

Issued by the Met Office

YELLOW WARNING OF SNOW for parts of Northern England and Southern Scotland

Issued 10 Feb at 10:27

Valid from 18:00 on 10 Feb to 10:00 on 11 Feb

Showers of sleet and snow will turn more persistent during Friday evening and overnight, leading to snow accumulations of 3-6 cm above 200 m, with as much as 10 cm above 300 m, where there will be some drifting in the strengthening winds. Some temporary, local accumulations of snow to low levels are possible, though these will tend to melt as things warm up during Saturday morning and rain starts to dominate. Slippery conditions are likely, along with the risk of disruption to transport, especially on higher level routes.

YELLOW WARNING OF SNOW for parts of Kent and Sussex

Issued 10 Feb at 10:33

Valid from 18:00 on 10 Feb to 10:00 on 11 Feb

Snow showers could bring local accumulations of 2-3 cm. Some disruption to transport is possible as well as slippery conditions on roads and pavements.

Flood Warning

Issued by the Environment Agency or by SEPA in Scotland and Natural Resources Wales in Wales

Friday 10 February

There are no flood warnings in force anywhere in the United Kingdom.


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