Sales of lettuce seeds soar in wake of shortage as shoppers try to protect themselves from further rationing

Sales of lettuce seeds have soared as savvy shoppers take measures to try to protect themselves from supermarket rationing.

Vegetable lovers have taken to growing their own lettuce after bad weather across Europe led to a shortage in supplies of lettuce, rocket and courgettes.

Crocus, the UK’s biggest gardening website, said it had seen year-on-year sales of lettuce seeds grow by 270 per cent since the supermarket shortage began.

Vegetable supply issues have left supermarkets resorting to rationing the number of lettuce heads customers can buy, while a number of the biggest retailers removed them from their online arms entirely.

The price of the vegetable has rocketed in shops that do have a supply.Green-fingered customers have taken a pragmatic approach to the crisis, it seems, by opting to grow their own vegetables.

Although  it is still too early to begin planting seeds, several garden centres have said they have seen sales surge.




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